June, 2020

The Margisa brand has been selected this year to the familly of most exquisit jewelers - the Couture.
We regred we haden't oportunity to met with our new family in Las Vegas during Couture show due to obviues reasons, hopefully we'll meet there next year.


March 5th,
April 5th,

The fabulous
French Designer Jeweler
from Scottsdale, Arizona

has invited us to

the First Annual Ring Show
of finest top jewelers




Yokohama, Japan,

October 23-25, 2019

We exhibited for the first time in Japan
the kindest, honest people we met there.

We have to be back next year!

Las Vegas, Sand Expo
Trade fair

May 31
- June 3

JCK Las Vegas in 2019
has designated Margisa
as exhibitor in RISING STARS alley
at Design Center
Again !




Tucson, Arizona

 Feb 6th
- Feb 9tt,


So we did it again! It is such a pleasure to meet,
so many arts admireres at JCK Tucson
in fabulous J.W. Marriott Hotel,

Las Vegas, Nevada US
Trade fair

June 1st-4th.


JCK Las Vegas in 2018 has designated Margisa as exhibitor in RISING STARS alley at Design Center


Margisa Team

Happy team of Margisa at the booth


Tucson, Arizona US
Trade fair

Jan, 31st
to Feb, 3rd



Margisa went to Tucson to the JCK Show,
We presented our jewelry at fabulous J.W. Marriott Hotel, Arizona ballroom at designers area



August 2nd, 2017

 Another happy day in California during trunk show at fantastic Talisman Collection Gallery.

ZFolio, California


July 30th, 2017

Our first Trunk Show, in faboluos ZFolio Gallery

In the background photographs of a great artist Michael Mendizza

July 2017

Once again, export activities of our company has been recognized and supported by European Regional Development Fund under the Polish national Operational Programme for Inteligent Development - program 3.3.3.

Torun, Poland
June - August,


We were moving the workshop & our showroom to the new better, bigger place in renesainse building of former printing house at the Świętej Katarzyny 4 Street, Torun

Quite young location comparing to other buildings at the Torun old city.. We have 150 m away to the restaurant that is constantly open since 1489, Their guest was among others Napoleon Bonaparte.

JCK, Las Vegas, 2015



We exhibited successfully with our jewellery for the first time

in United States in ,Las Vegas at the exquisite area of the JCK, show at Design Center


JCK, Las Vegas
May 27th-June 2nd 2015

You are Kindly Invited to:



Las Vegas
from May 29th to June 1st, 2015

Do you feel your heart trembling at the sight of a rare gem? Are your clients looking to experience the same feeling?

A fresh breeze from the East with a hint of the West; “designed by Margisa”.

Unique semi-precious, precious & diamonds in gold & silver.

Passion and infatuation. The story enchanted in the stone: “Deeply in Gems”

February, 14-17th

Our another Inhorgenta has passed. Thank you all visitors and buyers who visited our stand. Magic thinks has happend during that time, especially that we've been guarded by our three Sirens. See you next year.

February, 4th 2014

Countdown to Inhorgenta has already started!

The star of our new collection was born as effect of fantastic cooperation with dollmaker, fabulous artist Dorote Zaukaite from Lithuania,

Visit as during Inhorgenta to see our bride - star and her bridesmaids from our new collection.
In begining of March on our website.

December, 2013

The development of our export activities has been recognized and supported by European Regional Development Fund under the Polish national Operational Programme for Innovative Economy - program 6.1.


October, 2013

Into the heart of the medieval Old Town of Torun - city of the great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, we have moved our workshop

Take a look on location of our new boutique at this site, which we are opening in spring 2014 






February, 2013

It's really brave idea for a collection. So many great artists, whom I admire, has  already struggled with their beasts. Because, sharp fangs are not scary to me or they are not banal as a subject, so I made the challenge. Up to you to judge how I went it through. Will my wildness is really wild and free?
Premiere of collection "wildness with grace" took place during Inhorgenta Munich 2013 - International jewellery trade fairs.

February, 22-25th 

It's been crazy week in Munich during Inhorgenta 2013, but happily crazy. First of all we've met many fantastic people who share passion to gems and beauty. Thanks to You we belive in what we do, thank You. On the photo our stand on 1st day. Later on carpet was realy worn out, so other photos don't look so good. See You next year in Munich. You are kindly invited.


January, 11th 2013    

We are happy to announce that Margisa's gallery and shop has been reopened in internet. 


 March, 2012

"Everlasting Classics" is a jewellery collection for women valuing the classical fashion, which can also to constitute the excellent marriage proposal. Some of "Everlasting classics" is a great proposition for the entire life as a wedding rings. A gift made of "Everlasting classics" for Your beloved - will glow her new brilliance.


 December, 2011


Fresh incurred a collection  called "City Shine" in which I am joining beautiful stones, hand casted in modern straight style with a hint of retro. For brave and independent woman, who knows what she wants. 

 May, 2011

"Gothica" - came into existence by chance - during search, being curious about finishes of silver and from great love to costume's dramas. As well there is a fact that I live surrounded by Gothic monuments in city of Nicolaus Copernicus who was  great medieval astronom.

It is a collection which after all I called "Gothica - King's Lovers". With love to dramas which heart breaking. Guess how does story ends and become ruler of Your most favorite piece.


March, 2010



At the same time it came into existence the collection "Garden of Eden" which name I took from the book on the same title, what still is remarkable inspiration. A lot from my flowers it had its beginning and stayed low-cut with the help of this beautiful herbarium. The proposal for fragile women.



February, 2010

My first collection just grown from fascination of the nature - in order to capture the enchanted beauty in the stone "Beauty of stone". Precious stones and select minerals are collected away by me for many years, brought from various places in the World - often in single copy. It is a collection in different styles, where metal is a background, and a stone and his magic is creating the entire story.

 First Beauty

February, 2008


The jewellery it happend in my life by unexpected incident in Poland where I come from, and still keeps me on strongly, how about You? 

Curiosity of different places all over the World brought me to discover beauty of the gemstones that I pay for special attention in jewellery. Especially for unique gems as: fancy cuted, deep coloured, rarely occured. I am looking them all over the World because constantly to enchant me their spell. In fact once you fell  in love deeply then you want more and more, isn't it?