Margisa Shop Policy

Terms and conditions of usage the jewellery.
Dear Customer,

Margisa's jewellery are made by hand with usage of modern techniques and they are made of precious metals only such as gold and silver and natural gemstones or/and minerals. To ensure the appearance of the jewellery for longer, please maintain it properly and apply the following rules for its use.

A. For maintenance of precious metal please use polishing cloths available in jewellery stores. In the case of silver, it is the natural influence of oxidation process. To clean precious metals can be used specialized cleaning fluids for precious metals only - gold and silver, with the exception of products from oxidized silver. Cleaning of the oxidized silver can be made exclusively by the jewelers. We encourage to order of cleaning jewellery only by qualified jewelers.

B. During using the jewellery, should avoid prolonged or regular treatment, with extreme weather conditions and physico-chemical properties, such as low and high temperatures and pressure, water baths and particularly ocean, use of the sauna, jacuzzi. 

C. In addition, you should avoid contact with personal care agents and cleaning agents as well as  all substances used in household and other chemicals not intended for cleaning jewellery. 
Jewellery should not be given to mechanical stress.

D. We would like to draw your attention that at the time of performing any physical work - even in the household or any sports, the jewellery should be taken off to avoid accidents that may occur as a result of contact to other people, objects, equipments or machinery.

E. Disregarding these rules will shorten your enjoyment of the jewellery, and in extreme cases can cause permanent damage to your health or property of its user and other people, for which the Margisa firm is not responsible.
Enjoy for long with Margisa Jewellery
 Basic Shop’s Policy
(short of detail shop's policy)

The customer is always right
All prices are presented in US dollars only (USD)

Payments are available in USD or in Polish Zloty (PLN)

Regular mail free shipping available all over the World.

5 years warranty guaranteed for all products used at normal conditions as definied in shop's policy.

You can return purchased product within 6 months since purchase whithout stating reason. Full product money back quaranteed! In some case handling cost may bear to the Customer.
Final accomplishment of Your order is made in each mode, only when You'll get an email Order Confirmed. 

Conditions mentioned above applies as well to retail and professional buyers.

Prices of products for professional buyers (VIP) are presented without Vat tax. Vat value may be apply, what is dependant on EU tax status of the buyer, after final invoicing. During ordering by VIP buyer, vat value is presented as information only. During ordering please choose bank transfer for a payment.

Detail Shop’s Policy
          I.            GENERAL PROVISIONS
                                1.            WWW.MARGISA.EU internet Shopping Arcade and internet Shop, hereinafter referred to as MARGISA Site, is owned and handled by: the Firm Margisa – Margita Grabowska, located in Poland, 87-100 Torun, Mickiewicza 52/9 Street, , EU VAT PL5541094506, Statistical Number REGON 870358452, hereinafter referred to as MARGISA Firm.
                                2.            Margisa internet site contents is to be treated as an invitation to making a contract.
                                3.            Products ’ pictures, shown on Margisa site, do not constitute an offer of sale for the purpose of paragraph 543 of the Polish Civil Code. Because of the fact, that all Margisa products are hand-made, in reality they may differ from their image shown on the photos presented on Margisa site.
                                4.            The sale of Margisa products is governed by the provisions of the Republic of Poland law. However sales of products is not carried out for customers located in Poland. 
                                5.            The Orderer, registering on Margisa site according to paragraph II.4. declares, that he/she authorises Margisa, the owner of Margisa Site, to store his/her personal data in order to sell Margisa firm products via the Internet and in traditional manner, and for marketing purposes related to Margisa brand products only. The Orderer has the right to see his/her own personal data, to correct and delete this data at any time. 
                                1.            Margisa site, accessible at the following address: WWW.MARGISA.EU, is to promote and sell via the Internet the products rated as articles of goldsmithery and jewellery. On Margisa Site you can buy only original, hand-made products of Margisa firm and co-operating firms, offered using Margisa brand.
                                2.            The offer presented in Margisa site is valid only in the European Union. Products from Margisa site can be sold outside the European Union at cost and risk of the buyer, who is obliged to pay not only the price of a product, but also national taxes, costs of shipping, and fees which are added in the buyer ’s country when importing products bought from Margisa Firm.
                                3.            Only adult persons are allowed to buy on Margisa site.
                                4.            A basic condition for realization of performed shopping is properly filled form with personal data, acceptance of personal data processing, so-called Customer (Orderer) Registration.
                                5.            To buy a selected product, the Orderer submits an order using Margisa site by filling an order form, specifying the product type, confirming its price and quantity, and choosing a method of paying. Furthermore, the Orderer pays, if this is required by the Rules and Regulations. Orders will be submitted according to the modes described in paragraph II.9.
                                6.            When sending an order from Margisa site, the Orderer declares, that he/she is already acquainted with the contents and accepts the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the shop. If the Orderer fails to abide by the provisions of the Rules and Regulations, or writes incomplete or false data which are necessary to realise a contract of sale, Margisa Firm is entitled to invalidate the order which has been submitted, sending a notification via e-mail at the Orderer ’s address (cancell order).
                                7.            Margisa site can accept orders day and night throughout a year. Orders submitted on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays will be processed during the first working day after the day of order submission.
                                8.            Every order (the Orderer ’s offer to conclude a contract of sale), submitted and sent to Margisa site,  is confirmed with a message by Margisa site via e-mail at the Orderer’s address, (Order Received).
                                9.            Orders will be accepted by Margisa site in the following modes:
                                                        a.           Sale (Buy), the ordered product is available at Margisa Firm warehouse, payment is required on date, when placing an order.
                                                        b.           Manufacturing order (Order), the ordered product will be made to Customer ’s order within a time frame agreed between the Customer and Margisa Firm employee using e-mail or by a phone call. Payment is required within 7 days after the Orderer’s confirmation of the acceptance of order execution time. Order execution (product manufacturing) will take place after full payment for the submitted order.
                                                        c.           Auction (Bid), the ordered product is available at Margisa Firm warehouse, and the Orderer is entitled to submit any number of orders for a specific product, offering a price. Such orders can be submitted during a period specified by Margisa site. During the period of ordering, Margisa Site will inform all the orderers about submission of a new order, in terms of price being ahead of the most advantageous order which has been submitted before. After the bidding period, Margisa site will inform all the orderers about acceptance or refusal related to their orders’ processing. Margisa site will choose the most advantageous offer from the Orderer who offered the best price. Payment is required within 7 days after the Orderer receives a notice about accepting his/her order.
                             10.            Payments for ordered or purchased goods are accepted: via bank money transfer into Margisa Firm bank account presented on Margisa site in USD or PLN currency or via payment card like: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro; payments serviced by company eCard S.A. in USD currency only.
                             11.            Margisa firm, the owner of Margisa site, undertakes to consider the submitted order not later than 48 working hours from sending by the Orderer the order submitted using the form available on Margisa site, except as provided in section II.7.
                             12.            Consideration and final acceptance of the submitted is based on:
                                                        a.           checking by Margisa Firm, the owner of Margisa site, the completeness of the data which have been sent,
                                                        b.           checking whether the product is available and free of defects. Or checking the possibility of making the ordered product and agreeing with the Orderer the time limit for filling the Orderer ’s order, which will take place within 7 days. Or choosing the Orderer’s offer by Margisa Site in the auction mode.
                                                        c.           checking the customs procedure in case of shipment outside the UE area.
                                                        d.           checking whether the payment has been made by the Orderer,
                             13.            Margisa firm reserves a right to reject wrongly or partially filled ordering forms, informing about this fact the Orderer via e-mail (cancell order).
                             14.            Orders will be rejected also when:
                                                        a.           the transaction can ’t be authorised in eCard paying system (effective authorisation means blocking on the Orderer’s paying card an amount which corresponds to the value of the order including shipping costs), within a period of time prescribed in the present Rules and Regulations,
                                                        b.           a due amount is not transferred within a given time period, or
                                                        c.           the delivery is not received from a courier within the period provided in courier ’s rules.
                             15.            If the Orderer confirms all necessary information and fully pays for the order, his/her order will be finally accepted, and information about that will be sent via e-mail (Order confirmed). After final acceptance of the order the order cannot be modified. Then, the product will be sent within 21 days from order confirmation.
                             16.            Final acceptance of the order means, that in case of plastic card payment – a previously blocked amount related to the order will be drawn from the Orderer’s account. If the Orderer chooses a bank transfer as a manner of payment – final acceptance takes place if adequate amount is transferred to Margisa Firm (the owner of Margisa site) account. Then, the product is shipped to the Orderer/ In case of Order mode (section II.9.b.) the product is manufactured and shipped to the Orderer. When a parcel is given to a courier, the Orderer receives and an e-mail message informing about that fact (Order Shipped) and about the data related to shipment number, estimated delivery time and invoice/ bill number. 
        III.            PRICE and SHIPPING COSTS
                                1.            All retail prices are given on Margisa site in USD ($) and include the polish value added tax (VAT), except point III. 2.
                     2.        Prices presented in restricted VIP section for professional buyer’s differ from retail prices, as well its does not includes VAT. Charge of vat is dependant on EU tax status of buyer, what is added or not after confirmation of the Vip's order.
                                3.            Shipping costs are added to the order, depending on the mode of delivery.
                                4.            Shipping cost is collected for a single parcel depending on its value and mode of delivery – Courier/Mail. Shipping by mail is free of charge.
                                1.            Orders can be processed in the European Union. Orders should be submitted in English. Orders processed outside the European Union will be processed individually, after customs procedure checking. In some places, because of customs procedures, such an order may be rejected by the Seller, with advance payment return, if such an advance payment has taken place.
                                2.            The Orderer can introduce eventual changes to the order, but only changes related to the personal data and the number of ordered products, and only before final confirmation of the order (before receiving Order Confirmation) during a telephone conversation or in electronic correspondence with Margisa Firm employee.
                                3.            Margisa Firm, the owner of Margisa site, reserves the right to change prices without informing in advance, with the reservation of the following provisions. In such cases Margisa Site undertakes to inform the Orderer immediately about the ensuing situation. In case of lack of acceptance of a new price, an order for a specific price will not be processed. Price changes do not refer to orders being processed, which have been finally confirmed (Order Confirmed) either by phone or by e-mail, according to paragraph II.15 of these Rules and Regulations.
                                4.            Margisa Firm, the owner of Margisa site, draws up a sale document in a form of a bill or a VAT invoice. If it is necessary to draw up a VAT invoice for a goods and service tax payer, detailed data necessary to draw up an invoice correctly should be written in the order form.
                                5.            Because of the fact, that Margisa Firm products are hand-made, Margisa site owner is not responsible for the change of delivery term, if this change results from the necessity of prolonging the production period of the product. The Orderer will be immediately informed about such a change. The Orderer may accept the change of the term of delivery or withdraw from order processing, with full repayment of paid up advance.
                                6.            Margisa Firm reserves a right to withdraw from order processing or from concluded contract of sale, at any time and without stating the reasons, up to the time of sending a parcel, which is to be confirmed by Margisa Firm with an information sent at the Orderer ’s e-mail address (Order Shipped) and in the case mentioned in paragraph II.14.c., with full repayment of previously paid advance, taking into account due deductions, within 7 days from sending an ‘Order cancelled’ message.
                                7.            All detailed regulations related to shipment of goods, including the time of delivery, are described in regulations of dispatch companies DHL, Polish National Mail.
                                8.            On receiving a parcel, the Customer should check the contents of the parcel in the presence of the delivering company ’s employee. If the parcel does not contain the goods specified in the order, or if the goods are damaged, the Orderer has the right to refuse to accept the parcel, and should immediately notify about this the Seller – Margisa Firm. Damage which occurred during transport will not be taken into account if reported after acceptance of the parcel.
                                9.            If the delivery of the parcel is delayed, the Orderer informs Margisa Firm about the delay. Margisa Firm will complain to a courier firm within the time provided by the Regulations of the Courier firm, informing the Orderer about predicted complaint investigation time. Complaint investigation time of the Courier firm is binding for the Orderer. If the Courier firm fails to deliver the goods, Margisa Firm will return the price which has been paid, within a period provided for the courier firm complaint plus 7 days.
                             10.            If the delivery is delayed by fault of the courier, the Seller is not responsible for damage suffered by the Orderer.  
                                1.            Margisa Firm gives the Orderer a warranty for bought products for 5 years from the time of the purchase.
                                2.            The warranty covers damage developed during normal use of the products, caused by material or constructional defects. Normal conditions of product use are considered conditions commonly recognized as allowable for using jewellery, The warranty does not cover hidden defects of natural stones used in Margisa brand products.
                                3.            The warranty does not cover mechanical and constructional failures caused by using the products in abnormal conditions, for example: extreme sports, work in extremely difficult conditions, using chemicals, prolonged exposure of jewellery to low or high temperatures, also sunlight and sea water. Terms and conditions of usage the jewellery as mentioned above applies adequately in this point.
                                4.            When receiving the ordered product the Orderer is obliged to check, whether the parcel has been damaged during transport.
                                5.            Complaints related to mechanical damage which appeared during transport will be investigated only on the grounds of a written protocol of damage/discrepancy of the parcel contents, drawn up on receiving the goods in the presence of the courier.
                                6.            Complaints related to product defects after the period described in paragraph V. subparagraph 1, can be made in writing, sending them at Margisa Firm address, or via e-mail.
                                7.            Margisa Firm, the owner of Margisa site, undertakes to investigate a complaint made via conventional mail or e-mail, and to send information regarding the manner of complaint settling at the address given by the Orderer within 14 days from receiving the letter or e-mail, and if receiving the product is necessary, it will take place within 14 days from receiving by Margisa firm the product for which the complaint has been made by the Orderer.
                                8.            If it is necessary to receive the product from the Orderer, the Employee of Margisa firm, the owner of Margisa site, sends for the product a courier firm at Margisa firm ’s cost.
                                9.            Margisa Firm, the owner of Margisa site, stipulates that in case of obviously unreasonable complaints or in case of giving false data by the person who has made a complaint, Margisa Firm is entitled to claim real costs born when settling the complaint.  
                                1.            The Orderer may renounce a purchase contract without stating the reasons, giving relevant statement in writing or via e-mail from the day of placing order up to 15th day after goods delivery. To be in time it is sufficient to send a statement before that fifteen days period after delivery ends. Renounce a purchase contract by Customer since ordering up to 15th day after goods receiving doesn’t bear any costs at Customer Side. In such case return of goods should be made at Margisa Firm cost.
                                2.            Furthermore Customer have right to renounce contract without stating the reasons within next 6 months since goods has been ordered and renouncement from a contract has been made after 15th day of delivery. Than it's bearing costs to the Orderer of shipping back the parcel and costs related to bank commission for payments if it has been appeared any.
                                3.            In case of making a decision of renouncing a contract, the Orderer should resend the parcel properly packed within 30 days from the day of informing Margisa Firm about renouncing.
                                4.            Returning is admissible only in case of a product which has not been used (without any signs of usage) and in original package, if the product has been packed.
                                5.            A bill/invoice or its copy should be attached to the returned goods.
                                6.            If all above-mentioned conditions for returning the goods are filled, the return of money at an amount of the price of the returned goods after  justified deductions mentioned above (delivery costs and bank commissions for payments are not subject to return if renouncing decision took place after 15th day of delivery) will take place within 30 working days from the day of receiving by Margisa firm, the owner of Margisa site, the returned goods, by crediting an account of a paying card, used in earlier transaction of purchasing the goods, or by making a transfer by Margisa firm, the owner of Margisa site, into the account indicated by the Orderer, if earlier payment for the goods has been done in cash, or by bank transfer. 
VAT EU No. PL5541094506
Bank Account number USD currency:
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